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Highly respected drummer, drum clinician and drum educator.

Tips and Advice - Speed, Control and Endurance with Your Hands

We all want to develop speed, control and endurance with our hands, right? So we could just set our metronome to a high BPM and wail away hoping that if we stick at it, it'll come sooner or later. But is this really the best way to develop our muscle strength and versatility?

Note Groupings - Taking Five back to Four

It's relatively common to use note groupings, either while playing grooves or fills. One of the most common examples is when we play groups of 3 sixteenth notes. Think of the opening drum fill played by Phil Collins on the track "In the air tonight"... Another possibility, often heard in more complex music, is to play groups of 5 sixteenths. In this demonstration however, we turn the idea on its head by playing a quintuplet based groove and then playing groups of 4 quintuplets.

Developing Hi Hat Technique - The Left Hand Hi Hat Sweep

Here's a little technique that you can use to easily slip some 16th notes hi hat strokes into your groove with your left hand.

The Interjecting Foot - Speed and Accuracy on the Bass Drum

A lot of gospel chops style fills that we often hear include rapid interjection of the bass drum between figures played by the hands. Here is an exercice that will help you to develop speed and accuracy on the bass drum, and will test your ability to play those interjecting foot strokes in the most awkward places..

Stay Where You Are - A different Approach to Hand / Foot Drum Fills

Here's a slightly different approach to orchestrating some hand / foot coordination based drum fills.

Developing Fills - Sticking, Orchestration and Dynamics

Here's a lesson on setting up a drum fill using sticking, orchestration and dynamics. This is how I get inspired by my students!

Paradiddle Fill

Here's a simple fill based on a paradiddle. Sounds great when played around the set.

16th Note Hand and Foot Fill

This 16th Note Triplet fill is based on a 9 note phrase between hands and feet.

The Case of the Mysterious Drum Fill

Rob explains how unknown drum fills creep into our playing.

About Rob

As an active drum educator, Rob maintains a highly intense teaching schedule as well as being Course Director at the acclaimed music school MLC Academy Marseilles.

Rob has a large roster of regular students throughout the year and also directs the academy’s week long intensive courses for drums, guitar, bass and vocals during each holiday period.

More recently, he has launched this new educational website www.RobHironsDrums.com dedicated to providing online drum tuition for drummers of all levels. In parallel to his intense education schedule, 

Rob also organizes his own drum camps for beginner, intermediate and advanced level players.

Drummers from all over France and abroad participate in the events. During the month of October, he teams up with other players to hold the 4 day Provence Drum Camp in the beautiful southern French village of Puyloubier.

Having a strong desire to share modern drum-set techniques with others, Rob wrote the drum tuition book Groove Facility. Distributed by Alfred Publishing, Groove Facility sells worldwide and has gained excellent reviews throughout the drumming community and press.

Rob is a highly respected drummer, drum clinician and drum educator. He started out his drumming career studying with teachers Ray Payne, Ronnie Bottomley, Dave Hassell and Tony Faulkner in England and then later with Dom Famularo in New York. He graduated at the City of Leeds College of Music in 1996 gaining his Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Jazz Studies.

Rob’s vast playing experience includes performances, tours and albums with St Christopher, The Rob Donnelly Band, Watcha Clan, Rona Hartner, Jean Michel Kajdan, Therese Themlin, and Hofmann Family Blues Experience to name but a few. As well as these projects, Rob has recently played with rock / pop band The Page, one of the busiest gigging bands in the region. Never one to slow down, Rob has also recently founded his own powerful jazz fusion trio Isnard – Tomi – Hirons who recently released their first album Incipit.

A reputed drum clinician, Rob regularly performs clinics in partnership with Mapex Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Promark Sticks and Evans Drumheads. He has performed alongside such drummers as Carmine Appice, Damien Schmitt, Mike Terrana, Dave Lombardo, George Kollias, Dirk Brand, Dom Famularo, Aquiles Preister, Pete Lockett, and John Favicchia.

In late 2013 Rob gave a dynamic drum clinic performance at the prestigious Drummers Collective in New York City and also performed at many of the renowned Sam Ash retails stores on the East Coast. 


I have known Rob Hirons for some years now.

Besides being a fine drum set player, he also excels at education and has an honest commitment to sharing his knowledge to his students and anyone interested in developing their drumming to the next level. A fine example of what many teachers and players should aspire towards.

Pete Lockett  //  Percussionist and performing artist, Bjork, Peter Gabriel, Robert Plant, Amy Winehouse

To me, Rob is a coach rather than a formal teacher,...

...with whom I feel close in the way he approaches teaching the instrument. Beyond the weekly session (rudiments, coordination, independence, playing charts…), he also performs a critical analysis of my playing and pays attention to subtle aspects which help improve my playing : stick grip, motion studies, overall positioning, foot positioning, mind set… Also the way he helps me to improve my rhythmic creativity : building solos, advice on grooves and fills in connection with the chart… I strongly recommend Rob to anyone who would either like to start drumming or would like to improve their practice.

Laurent Nony  //  Regular student since 2015

I first decided to travel to France from Malaysia...

 ...to study with Rob as my first drum teacher. He is honest, caring, knows what works and what doesn’t work, what should we pay more attention as a drummer… He explains things clearly, specifically working on Moeller Techniques. Give Rob a try and you’ll feel the same way!

Davis Chee Yih Lee  //  Visiting student

Rob came to London for us to do a clinic...

...and i was totally blown away by his musical fluency, his great technique, and his rapport with the audience, and his attention to preparation for the event. Thank you Rob for a great show!

Colin Woolway  //  Co-founder Drumsense, UK

My live online video lesson with Rob was just what...

 ...I needed. We were able to discuss in great detail the concepts I was working on while I was able to sit at my own kit, in my own studio. I look forward to our next one.

Jonathan Curtis  //  online student

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