Introduction to Odd Times - 5 Lessons

Introduction to Odd Times (Lesson 1) - Understanding the Time Signature

In the first lesson of this advanced level course we start out by understanding the origin of the simple 4/4 time signature before looking at how to divide the bar up into 7 and then 5.

Introduction to Odd Times (Lesson 2) - Getting the 7:8 to Groove

Playing a 7/8 by just counting up to 7 eighth notes is the first step. But we need to know how we can embellish and get it to groove. Once we get used to the feel of 7/8, we can let go of counting it and just feel each bar go by. Then we can really start to have fun.

Introduction to Odd Times (Lesson 3) - Two Ways to Approach 5:8

A 5/8 groove can be played in two different ways to create two different feels. Here we look at how the 5/8 bar can be divided up into a group of 3 then 2, or a group of 2 then 3. Both approaches have there own particular forward movement.

Introduction to Odd Times (Lesson 4) - More than 4

A lot of odd time signatures are slightly shorter than one bar of 4/4. The two odd times we looked at in the previous lessons, 7/8 and 5/8 are two examples. In this lesson we take a look at odd times that go over the length of a standard 4/4 bar. Specifically 7/4 and 5/4.

Introduction to Odd Times (Lesson 5) - Play Along

In this lesson we put the work done in previous lessons to the test as we learn about our INTRODUCTION TO ODD TIMES play along track. I play the song for you so you can see how we go through the different time signatures, then you can go to the play back on the website and play the track yourself.