Beat Displacement - 6 Lessons

Beat Displacement (Lesson 1) - Displacing the Eighth Note

In the first lesson on beat displacement, we take a look at moving the beat ahead and behind by one eighth note. This is a great start to being able to control this concept.

Beat Displacement (Lesson 2) - Spicing Up the Displaced Groove

Playing a simple beat and then displacing it is a good start, but, in order to create a more convincing rhythmic illusion, we need to be able to play more complex grooves and then displace those.

Beat Displacement (Lesson 3) - Displacing the Sixteenth Note

The next step is to displace the beat by a 16th note. This is very challenging because we no longer play any of our strokes on the quarter note pulse.

Beat Displacement (Lesson 4) - Making the Most of the Metronome

In this lesson we take a look at how we can make effective use of a modern metronome while displacing our beat by a 16th note. By dividing our metronome's quarter note click into 4 clear 16th note subdivisions we can give ourselves the freedom to displace more complex grooves and phrases.

Beat Displacement (Lesson 5) - The Sixteenth Note Triplet Displacement Challenge Part 1

In this final couple of lessons we take a real challenge - to displace a half time shuffle in 7 by a single 16th note triplet. Again we must make creative use of the metronome. In part 1 we set up the basic groove in 7.

Beat Displacement (Lesson 6) The Sixteenth Note Triplet Displacement Challenge Part 2

In part 2 of this 16th note triplet displacement challenge, we discover how to adapt the final 8th note of our shuffle groove to shift the whole beat ahead and then adapt again to bring it back. We can of course do the same thing in the opposite sense to shift the whole beat behind before bringing it back to it's original position. Good luck!