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Setting up Your Drum Set - 4 Lessons

Setting up Your Drum Set (Lesson 1) - It's About You

This lesson will show you what to look for and what to avoid when setting up the essential part of your drum set - you, the drummer. Your drums should be set up only when you have found your ideal sitting position - not the other way around.


Setting up Your Drum Set (Lesson 2) - The Three Essentials

Once we are happy and comfortable on our drum seat, we can put our three essential items in place. These items represent the core of our set up and we will spend most of our time on these three essentials - the Bass drum, the Snare drum and the Hi Hat.

Setting up Your Drum Set (Lesson 3) - Bring on the Toms

Now we have the three essentials in place we continue to build. Bring on the toms. Applying the same concepts that we have applied since the start, we place our toms according to your own personal position and comfort and we aim to maximise the efficiency of your playing.

Setting up Your Drum Set (Lesson 4) - Last But Not Least

Now to the final layer - the cymbals. This is where we have to really be careful as cymbals need to be positioned within easy reach, but at the same time they must not be so close as to impede the ease of movement that we have strived to create up until now.

Tuning Your Drum Set - 3 Lessons

Tuning Your Drum Set (Lesson 1) - Thud Thud Thud

Thud thud thud. Personally, that's the sound I like and it's a very personal thing indeed. In this lesson I show you how I get my bass drum sound and how you can search for you own sound and feel that is good for you.

Tuning Your Drum Set (Lesson 2) - Clack Clack Clack

Once again, a very personal thing. I love a nice high "clack" style sound from my snare. But how can you get what you want? Check out this lesson to look at some good starting points.

Tuning Your Drum Set (Lesson 3) - Dabadabadababoom

Unlike the snare or the bass drum, we don't just have one tom in our drum set. We have a few. This is an important part of our vocabulary and we must be sure to understand how we can get the toms to sound good individually. But more specifically, how we can get them to sound good with each other.

How to be a Rock God in Under Ten Minutes - 4 Lessons

How to be a Rock God in Under Ten Minutes (Lesson 1) - Let's Take a Short Break

As we take that first step towards Rock God status, you will learn to play eight consecutive notes on the Hi Hat. These are technically called "Eighth Notes". But let's not worry about technique right now. If you can count to eight, you've got it. Let's get this down first before we go any further.

How to be a Rock God in Under Ten Minutes (Lesson 2) - Gimme a 3, Gimme a 7

Once we have these eight notes down on the Hi Hat, let's get that mother of all backbeats down on the snare. It's simple - whack the snare as you count the 3 and the 7... as if your life depended on it!

How to be a Rock God in Under Ten Minutes (Lesson 3) - Not Much Time Left

We drummers don't just sit down because we're a lazy bunch - we actually use our feet as well. Specifically the right foot. Let's create thunder with our Bass Drum!

How to be a Rock God in Under Ten Minutes (Lesson 4) - Play it LOUD!

Ok, look, Rock God status is within your reach. But there is a last hurdle and this might need work. We have to put all that together. So you're probably going to need to work a little on coordination. You have maybe two minutes.... They're coming back from the bar soon. And don't forget - PLAY IT LOUD!